Monday, October 27, 2008

House Work

No, not the blog. Worse. My house. And by construction I mean remodeling. My oldest son and I are ripping out all of the carpets and trying to figure out what to do with the hardwood floors underneath. This house is really old. REALLY old, so there are good maple floorboards underneath the carpets and padding, but they've got a lot of age and wear on them. Meaning, we're going to have to rent a floor sander and completely refinish them.
What a headache this all is! But it has to be done, and it should've been done right after we bought the house. I hate wall to wall carpeting. I don't know why, maybe because it's soulless, but that seems too pat an answer. I love any kind of natural flooring: wood, cork, stone, the bones of someone's enemies. But carpet, it just bothers me.
So, please to forgive if I'm a little behind on blogging because we have to get this done. Half the livingroom furniture is crammed on one side of the room, and tomorrow it will get shifted to the otherside so that we can tear up that carpet. Then back and forth we go as we sand, refinish, etc. All with a curious beagle chewing up carpet strips and tacks. I bet a magnet would stick to her belly at this point.


Anonymous said...

TRULY impressive!
(Hmmm...makes me want to caulk the tub or something...)

I love wood floors too!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Hey H :D
Gotta love the look of hardwood floors and a halfway decent area rug thrown over them (to keep down the draft). BTW, I bought a HUGE area rug the last time Caty and I were in Bay Village. A family was losing their house to foreclosure and they were selling off their stuff and moving to NY. I didn't find any of that out until Caty and I toted the rug back to her sister's house and she filled us in on the sad story.

Butch Boo said...

I'd leave it- it'll only get mucky all over again!!