Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dumb Ass

Sometimes I have The View on. I don't know why, Whoopie is no Rosie, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a talking points moron with nary an original thought cruising around her skull.
Then, what did EH pull on, what?, Tuesday? She wore a McCain shirt during the show. How desperate are these McCain supporters? Does she realize how idiotic she looks? I mean, let's just throw whatever whisp of credibility she ever possessed to be objective out the window.
As full disclosure I admit that I am an Obama supporter, and I became one late in the game after Hillary tanked. For ten minutes I did seriously look at McCain as an alternative. But then I sobered up. After the Palin pick as veep, well, what more can be said about the validity of this ticket? Palin sounds every bit as duplicitous as Cheney, and Cheney's the most hated VP in my lifetime (and I was around for Agnew).
I'm guessing that EH's gambit will backfire, just as every stunt that the McCain camp has tried so far has. I just wonder how much that shirt cost. If the RNC paid for it, probably 45K.

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