Monday, October 8, 2007

Pinch Me

I spent the day with my mostly crazy sister. She's more fun than a monkey butler on meth. Thank God she doesn't read blogs, or I'd have to censor my observations, out of shame or caring or love or whatever. But, she's gleefully off the grid, pretty much, which frees me up to use this space as my confessor.
Anyway, my sister, let's call her Junior, and her boyfriend, let's call him D-Man, have this wild plan to script a reality series that's part Seinfeld and part Real World. They want my kid, Riechter Von Sanchez (talk about a sucky fake name, but he picked it himself), to film the whole thing and me and Miss Kitty to be the token lesbians. Plus they've cast themselves. Then, to round out the roll call they've got an alcoholic half retired dentist and his seventy year old urine (and more) stained drinking buddy, Doc and Doody, respectively.
I was all like, yeah, this is gonna work. It has youtube fame written all over it! Everybody thinks that they're so fucking special and the world just hasn't noticed. Uh huh. I'm on that page, seething, chuckling, clipping my nails.
If any of this ever sees the light of day, I'll give all three of my regular readers a heads up on the youtube link ;)

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