Thursday, October 4, 2007

Evidence of the Apocalypse

It's official. The world has come to an end and only fans of "Top Chef" are aware of that fact. Casey, darlin', muffin...what the hell happened? Did you panic and try too hard? Did you lose your laser pointer, I mean, focus?

I have to admit, I'm in a bit of a shock. A big ass state of shock, big as your beloved Texas, Casey dear. While Miss Kitty and I were out on a power walk last night along the Monongahela River we were scrutinizing every shred of minutiae imaginable concerning the last five challenges and surmised that the finale was win or lose. And woe! You lost.

Still, you did yourself proud throughout the competition and you helped make Top Chef 3 the best one to date. I just really, really wish you'd won!

Update: Now that my sour grapes have had a chance to ferment, what ghoul from planet X threw Howie into the mix as a sous chef? That is just cruel, unjust, and sweaty. Yes, other than Brian coming back, Howie was next in line...but Howie!?! All I know is that I'd rather have a drunken sock puppet helping me in the kitchen than him.
Yes, Hung deserved to win, and I'm grasping at straws, but damn. Of all times to get teamed up with that Howie Blockhead...

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