Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Bad Spidey Tingling

My life, at times, is beset by ironies. Just the other day I was obsessing about how my basement is the spider kingdom and how I'm phobic about spiders and he whole nine yards...and now the hot water tank has taken a bath and I'm down in the cellar, dodging the cobwebs and shutting off the water and the gas. Sheesh. Surely spiders realize that we're terrified of them, they've got to understand that they're hideous creatures. All those legs and eyes. And the eyes are heaped up on top of each other like pustules or something! *shudder*

Well, all I know is that The Snake Doctor (tm) better get here pretty quick and replace the hot water tank because I'm not going down there again. Spiders can smell fear.

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