Monday, October 29, 2007

Itty Bitty Lives Down To Its Name

Miss Kitty insisted that we had to attend at least one movie at the Pittsburgh Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and since I didn't have a counter argument, we picked the closing night's screening of 'Itty Bitty Titty Committee'.
Where to begin? This movie is so flawed that it shouldn't be shown anywhere that alcohol isn't being served. To call it directionless is too kind. Too call it a disaster of epic proportions is unfair to the word epic.
Given how much we loved director Jamie Babbitt's previous effort, 'But I'm A Cheerleader' we had high hopes for 'Itty Bitty'. But those hopes were seriously compromised once we learned that the movie would cost 15 bucks a pop. Call me crass and cheap, but if you are going to charge twice the going rate for a movie, that movie better deliver in spades. This movie was more like Old Maid. Every tired cliche about feminism, lesbianism, and feminist/lesbian activism is lamely trotted out. It's nothing more than an exercise in recycling. The only remotely fresh aspect in the movie was that none of the characters had any heart and all of the relationships were emotionally vapid and devastating. The only thing I can think to liken the way that the characters lied and bed jumped to was that Babbitt directed this hodge podge like a five year old playing with dolls, manipulating the characters actions in the most famously Mary Sue fashion that she could muster.
Not a single aspect of this film worked. It was shot on the cheap and it showed, clunky acting, horrid script, bizarre dystopic direction, and other stuff too.
Do yourself a favor and skip this film. Instead, write your own and retrieve your My Little Pony collection from your parents' cellar to enact the action.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. Wow, I never intended to watch the film but now you gave me a good reason. Hehe, loved your criticism.

About the re-enactment: can the two girls from that poor vlog do that ?

Your giggling fellow asshat.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Now now, be nice. It's not they'll ever be paid for their efforts because God knows SW is cheap.

Anonymous said...

I am always nice, therefore, I was thinking of founding a "Save the vlog"-society to protect vlogs from poor quality vloggers like them. Who cares about the viewers (if they don´t, right) ?

So, you´re God ? Thought so. Can I leave a wish-list ? Hehe.

YGFA (same as before, only now as an acronym)

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Don't encourage my antics, YGFA! I get in enough trouble over there on my own ;) Although, it would be fun to start the Society For Vlog Standards and Practices and appoint ourselves the ruling Junta.
Oh, that just sounds dire...

Anonymous said...

You just made this YGFA a YLOLFA. A Junta, yessss. Do we get to wear hot fantasy uniforms like generals ? And what will be the worst sentence ? Oh, this could be so much fun ...
Do I get to write memos and stuff ? I am really good at it.

Trouble ? What trouble ?

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

naturally you'd want some harsh authoritarian uniform...LOL! Of course we'll have uniforms, and cruel boots. I love boots. It's my one fashion weakness.
Send out the memo, please.

Sally said...

I laugh so much at your comments for the movie! I guess like you I was expecting something better... but now I actually don't have the urge to go and see it! We don't have it available yet here in Berlin.
And thanks for stopping by my corner... I am actually thinking about going to Pittsburgh when I get back to the US next year... what is your view about Pitt??

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

OH! If you're thinking about coming to Pittsburgh you have to let me know! It's a mid-Atlantic gem of a city with lots to do in the area, whether it's city stuff or countryside.
Glad you dropped by :)