Friday, May 8, 2009

Terminal Velocity

I'm not very political. This is not to say that I don't vote, because I do, or that I don't hold strong opinions and convictions, because I do that too. But I don't blog about politics because there are those who do a much better job of it than I ever could. My two personal favorites are pamshouseblend and crooksandliars. When do these people sleep? They seem to cover every aspect of everything 24/7. I marvel at the wealth of content, pertinent content, that these two sites generate daily.
I'd have a nervous breakdown, but that's just me.
Still, I've been watching the implosion of the Republican party with more than a little interest. How has this party fallen so far so fast? The laws of physics dictates that at some point you achieve a maximum terminal velocity, depending on resistence and the object itself and how it is positioned. A skydiver jumping out of plane spread eagle travels at approximately 120mph, while a head first jumper will exceed 200mph. I'm guessing that the Republicans have taken a header. If they're in a form fitting body suit and are bloated on their own crapulence, then they're descending at an even higher rate of speed.
I'm sure this analogy means nothing to the Republican party as they've been attacking any sort of science for years, decades even. But yep, can't deny that those old boys have taken a header off Oceanic Flight 814.


drollgirl said...

they pretty much deserve to crash and burn.

Charlotte said...

"crapulence" anal-"ogy" get it?

Ok so I am the type of person that roots for the underdog a little bit and the Republicans are going down in such flames that I am almost starting to feel sorry for them.