Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is MK's birthday! To celebrate I will make her favorite dinner, baked macaroni and cheese, served with whatever red wine is on sale, and I will present her with a thoughtful gift that hopefully she likes. What more can anyone ask for? Oh yeah, foot rubs :)
To kick off the specialness of the day, a little poem* I wrote for her:
Slippery Slope at Slippery Rock

Standing in the sunlight streaming
wondering if I might be dreaming
fishes swam up through the channel
your shoulders draped in plaid and flannel
you are the one, I knew it then
saw it sure as a nesting wren

*Clearly I am no poet, but I never let that stop me ;) We hiked early on during our courtship at the Slippery Rock Creek Gorge. The path was narrow and we had to walk single file, and the creek was thunderous at times so we couldn't talk much. Staring at the back of her head and shoulders, left to the fertile plains of my own thinking, I began to fall in love. Best hike of my life!
Happy birthday MK! I love you like how a cat lady loves 100 cats!


Miss Kitty said...

Aw, Sweetie, I love you like Bella loves rolling on a dead thing (only moreso).

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Speaking of Bela...more feathers in her poop. Those baby birds fall out of that birch tree and she's on them like a beagle on a baby bird.

drollgirl said...

oh, this is so great! hope it is the best birthday ever, and that you both have a blast! :)

H said...

Happy Belated Birthday, MK!

Your photo at Slippery Rock Gorge (which served as inspiration for Jennifer's poem) is lovely.

Hope you enjoyed your special day!

Miss Kitty said...

Thanks, H! I did have a fun birthday. Got my favorite mac & cheese dinner from Jennifer and we got to watch the season finale of "Fringe" together. Can't have much more fun than that on a school night!