Monday, May 18, 2009

Pittsburgh Passion Game 4

May 16, 2009
Pittsburgh Passion v. NY Nemesis
Wexford, PA
Look at that sky. Look at it! We're lucky a tornado didn't touch down and whisk us all off to somewheres we can't want to be.
We were a tad late getting to the game because we invited MK's parents to attend with us and when we showed up at their house the Preakness was just getting ready to go off and we were all rooting for Rachel Alexandra, so we couldn't miss that. Then her parents ate a very leisurely supper.
Anyway, we got to the game just as the Passion scored their first touchdown and we were walking in right at the moment that they missed the extra point. I kept checking over my shoulder to the west because the sky was a massive heap of fast approaching doom. Sure enough, the second we sat down the heavy downpour unleashed. MK and I sat huddled under a borrowed rain poncho struggling to keep our camera equipment dry while her parents crammed themselves under a single umbrella.
Then, the lightning started. The PA announcer informed us that we would have to vacate the stadium as we're all sitting on metal bleachers. I haven't felt this much like a target since co-ed dodgeball in high school.
When we exited the score was Passion 6, Nemesis 0. I honestly can't tell you one damn thing about this game apart from the final score: Passion 41, Nemesis 0, giving the Passion a 3-1 record thus far this season. Sadly we couldn't stick around because we were literally soaked to the bone. My waterproof boots were soaked through! MK's dad could barely keep his pants up, they were so water heavy.
Lastly, MK's mom entreated us to come home with them and let her run our clothes through the dryer. I was able to nix that idea when I confessed that I wasn't wearing 'accident' underwear. You know, good underwear in case you're in an accident. I couldn't walk around in those panties I had on that night, the waistband was hanging on by sheer will. Don't ask me why I'll hold on to ratty skivvies, I just do. I keep thinking: I can get one more day out of these.
Next up for the Passion: At the Detroit Demolition. The Demolition are legendary in the IWFL, and their coach has coaxed back a couple of players who had retired to raise their level of play. I don't expect that we'll walk over them like we did in week (Passion 29, Demolition 6).


drollgirl said...

YEEEEEEEEEEEIKES!!! metal bleachers and lightning! horrors! but glad you all made it out alive!

and i mostly have underwear that are not fit to be seen. they are the most comfy and generally hang by a thread. or a very frayed bit of elastic. hahahaha.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

LOL! Oh, droll, I can never be in an accident because of the condition of my underwear.
I'll admit further shame that I've taken to wearing some old tighty whiteys that my boys refused to wear back when I bought them (size men's S). They'll both only wear boxer briefs and I had these briefs lying around and I thought...hey, these would fit...The cotton in these things is so thick that it's like having a mini pillow on your ass!
MK just rolled her eyes the first time she saw me in them :D

TheWeyrd1 said...

snicker...ratty skivvies...MK lets you keep those!?!

Does Columbus still have a football team...I mean other than the Buckeyes? I recall going to a game and the best player was a gal that was a cheerleader in HS. And she played both offense and defense!

Miss Kitty said...

Ah, TW1, I'm afraid I have no choice but to allow Jennifer to keep her ratty underwear, since I have clung to ratty pairs myself. Ya know, glass houses.

I know Columbus was part of the IWFL last season, but I haven't seen anything about them this season, so I really can't say if they're still around.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

TW1, Columbus has a team, The Comets, in the NWFA league. They're undefeated this season so far, 4-0. They've annihilated their opponents in those four wins with a combined score of 153-12.
And thanks to TW1 asking, I did a little research into the NWFA and Pittsburgh has a team in that league as well. Who knew? Not me ;) And, the former star running back of the Passion, Torina Henley, now plays for the Pgh Force. Bet there's some crazy drama behind that team switch.