Monday, May 18, 2009

Random Old Photo

Gotta love those old grainy black & white pictures. I think this was taken in Florida by my grandmother, probably in the 1940s. Although, I can't be certain. This is why it's important to catalog and identify even simple snapshots. I should take my own advise because I have an enormous inventory of photographs with only a small portion of it properly labeled. I'l try to remedy that before the inevitable dementia sets in.


drollgirl said...

you are so right! i have the same problem. i also didn't keep many photos over the years, and now i sure wish that i had. wah.

and my grandpa had alzheimer's and dementia. it was awful. i hope to avoid those fates, but lately i feel like it is inevitable. forgetting how to spell, trying to remember what i was thinking all the time -- ack. maddening.

Charlotte said...

My Dad has been telling me to write on the back of photos my whole life and now that I am 38 I am finally getting around to figuring out why! If I am this dense at 38 I am so scared of what I will be like when I am 68!