Monday, March 30, 2009

What are you thinking

I often ask MK, "What are you thinking?"
So, what are you thinking?
Right now I'm thinking about what I should be thinking.


drollgirl said...

ahahha! you are a nut. :)

Natazzz said...

I really hate when someone asks what I am thinking.

If I wanted to share what I was thinking I would.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Thanks so much, Nat, for sharing your thoughts on not sharing your thoughts ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking...I have been out of touch with Jennifer and need to catch up. I also feel overwhelmed at work right now and hope that the "crazy people" cool their jets today. ;-)

Oh...and I'm thinking of what a nice day it is and that I should stop by a garden center after work and pick up some extra violas/pansies to plant in the front yard.

Oh...and now...I'm thinking of my gardening friend from Pittsburgh telling me about an "incredible exhibition of unbelievably beautful tie-dyed and painted kimonos at the Canton Museum of Art" that you and MK may enjoy as well:

And now...I'm thinking that I'd better get back to work before the "crazy people" wake up. (I'll have to think of something more profound later. ;-) )

Miss Kitty said...

Thank you, Nat. I, too, hate being asked what I'm thinking because sometimes I'm not.

Hello, H! [Waving] You and Jennifer are two of a kind, just longing to start digging away in the garden.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Good to hear from you, H! :) Yeah, I'm itching to be gardening. I've already started the carrot and swiss chard sprouts in the house so that I can get a jump on them :) Love, love, LOVE swiss chard!
Also, will check out canton link, thanks!