Sunday, March 15, 2009

Angel of Death

I previously recommended the web-movie, Angel of Death, but I wanted to reiterate how this is a DO NOT MISS thing of violent beauty. Not that I love gore porn or anything, but this film embodies a well told story that unfurls like a toxic pheromone that will not be denied. Like being a hapless Japanese beetle spiraling down the slick plastic sides of a baited bug bag. That is you and there you are, in the seething cesspool of your own kind, trying to claw your way out of the brutal decay.
By the way, anytime I mention a cesspool I'm always reminded of the best quote ever:
"He's a man standing up to his neck in a cesspool and adding to its contents." -Thomas Carlyle critiquing Algernon Swinburne's poetry. No one issues an insult like the English, or, an English. It's like they stay up nights thinking them up. They might very well do that, what do I know of their lives? It can't all be Patsy and Edina careening around wildly from one disaster to the next. There has to be some thoughtful snark in there to justify the careening, right? A bit of truth sticking in the craw and galling the gallbladder, don't you think? It's hard to be them. Such a nasty burden.

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