Monday, March 30, 2009

Exoskeleton and Conundrums

I found this cicada exoskeleton valiantly clinging to a wall this weekend.
Apparently it's been hanging on for dear life, so to speak, all winter. Otherwise it would mean that a cicada has emerged from the ground three to four months early and molted in March. All of which are inconceivable, except in Gilder*.
Still, I wonder. I've looked at this wall quite often over the winter, MK's neighbor Carl decorates part of it for different holidays. His wreaths are really stunning and some of his floral arrangement display a lot of flare. You can see the influences that Martha Stewart has had on him, even if he does use plastic flowers from the clearance bin at Big Lots. But that's along side the point. The point is: I haven't seen this exoskeleton before, which leads me to believe that it was recently shed there.
It's timeless mysteries such as these that lead me to the wine in a box...
*Hopefully not too obscure of a Princess Bride reference

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TheWeyrd1 said...

yack...I remember those icky things when I used to live in Ohio...