Thursday, May 29, 2008

Top Chef 4.12

And then there were three, I mean, four. The tiny speck of suspense this week revolved entirely around whether it would be Lisa or Spike who would get the boot. Secretly, and rather obviously, I had hoped that the judges would kick them both off. And why not? Antonia, Richard, and Stephanie are in a whole other league, and as easy as it is to simply trash Spike and Lisa, I'm going to resist that urge. Frankly, I'm excited about the final, and that excitement has trumped my desire to dance on Spike's grave or speculate how colossally Lisa will frak (yes, I watch BSG) up. If that girl has culinary game at all, this will be her last chance to show it.
Now, back to last night's episode: Spike, what were you thinking with those scallops? A frozen blob of indeterminent age, quality, or origin...yeah, that sounds like a winner to me. Everybody has some icy miasma in their freezer that should be thrown out. You don't instead try and salvage funky seafood. It spells doom, dude, which is why you had to toss your cutlery into a wooden box stenciled with 'Spike' on the side and toddle back home. I chuckled at his knife box, especially since he had his name on it. I doubt that it would get mixed up with anyone else's knife box, since no one else stores their knives thusly. It was sad, and almost made me feel empathy for him, which made me angry.
I can't wait for next week's finale. Antonia, I'm still betting on you!

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