Wednesday, May 7, 2008


A friend sent me this link to a live hawkcam set up outside of an office window where a female red-tailed hawk built a nest and had a mess of little hawklings. It's pretty cool, and who doesn't love tiny little raptors?
Bird watching is one of my more minor hobbies, done primarily when we're on vacation and kicking back. Although, last year while Miss Kitty and I were in the Allegheny National Forest we were specifically out and about in a bird preserve when we encountered a bear. We didn't stick around to identify any birds after that. I consider myself fairly adept out in the wild, but I still prefer to avoid bears. I'm not one of those anthropomorphism people, attributing nonsensical human characteristics to wild animals. One time, while camping with some friends, the husband of a friend insisted that a skunk that had wandered into camp was 'tame' and ended up sprayed. And yes, alcohol was involved. I'm still grateful that I didn't have to share a tent with them.

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