Wednesday, May 14, 2008

30 Rock

If a show could be called Brechtian, then 30 Rock would be that show. Reality is something of a slippery slope, so Tina Fey wisely doesn't bother with reality and instead lovingly embraces surreality with all the fervor of a lifer on a conjugal visit.
The season finale last week was a thing of beauty. Cooter Burger? Possibly the best character name ever conceived. Doubly brilliant because Cooter's real name is something bland like James Riley and the President nicknamed him Cooter. The three people who still blindly support the hapless George Bush, The Lesser, might be offended by the third person mawkish portrayal of our fearless leader, but I would remind them that GWB nicknamed his trusted adviser Karl Rove 'Turd Blossom' and refers to Russian leader Vladimir Putin as 'Pootie'. I wish I were joking.
While I'm not joking, Tina Fey surely is. I've read a few minor complaints about 30 Rock becoming increasingly surreal to which I will respond with...I think 30 Rock is a perfectly skewed reflection of early 21st century America. We've got the self obsessed meme Jenna, the man-child run amok Tracy Jordan, uber power broker Jack, the moral (but nonjudgemental) compass of humanity Kenneth, the eye at the center of the hurricane Liz Lemon, and a supporting and guest cast that never fails to surprise and shock. I really wish they'd bring back Jack's ex-wife, Bianca. I can't go to Arby's without at some point saying, "You know I love my big beef and cheddar!". Oh, and the powers that be, while you're at it, bring back Gerhardt and his little porcelain hand!
While rampant surreality isn't everyone's cup of tea, it demands that you actually think for a minute or twenty-two, I think that Fey weaves disparate elements together in an ingenius manner that never fails to amuse and amaze me. There is no sitcom like this one. It's that rarest of creations: Something unique and original.
So, rest up, Tina Fey, on your summer hiatus, because come fall us fans are going to have our asses parked in front of the flat screen waiting to see what you've cooked up for us next.

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