Monday, April 20, 2009

Pittsburgh Passion, week 1

April 18, 2009
Saturday 7pm
Pittsburgh Passion v. Detroit Demolition, Newman Stadium, North Allegheny High School, Wexford, PA
Final score: Pittsburgh 29, Detroit 6
The Passion never trailed. They scored on the game's first two possessions: The Demolition gave up a safety after their first set of downs on a bad snap near their own endzone, and then Passion QB Lisa Horton scampered for a touchdown, culminating a successful offensive drive down the field.
TDs were also notched by Wilma Walton, Lori Johnson, and Amanda Haeg for the Passion, in that order. The Walton TD was off a slightly under thrown pass from Horton. Walton was breaking for the endzone along the sidelines when she looked back over her shoulder for the ball, the Demolition defender mirrored her position, when suddenly Walton stopped dead in her tracks, the D-back ran right past her, Walton gathered in the ball and the rest is all glory!
Oh, I can't say enough how exciting and fun these games are, how the level of play is outstanding and well worth the trip to the stadium and cost of admission. More fun than roller derby, which is really saying something!
The Passion have moved from their previous venue at Cupples Stadium on the south side of Pittsburgh up to the north hills suburbs of Pittsburgh. MK speculates that it's because of more parking and a larger seating capacity. We guesstimated the attendance at roughly 5K for the season opener. A raucous crowd that cheered wildly for every TD, break away run, sack, and interception. I was hoarse the next day, but that just meant that we had a fun night!
One bit of absurdity to liven the evening: The song stylings of Groundskeeper Joe Tucci. Yes, he was introduced by that full name. I've never heard the National Anthem delivered quite the way that he sang it, and his halftime rendition of God Bless America should be on youtube, to counter balance the awesomeness of Susan Boyle. Not since Joe Cocker has anyone so completely thrown themselves physically into singing a song. It was like he was having a seizure, flailing about, trying to grasp a key out of thin air and hang on to it for a moment. We tried not to laugh out loud, I mean, these are honorable songs afterall, but damn.
I hope Groundskeeper Joe Tucci sings at this week's game too! Bring on the Baltimore Nighthawks!

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drollgirl said...

BAH! it is funny you mentioned roller derby. i am trying to drag a friend to go see a roller derby soon. it looks like ridiculous fun, even tho i pretty much hate sports i think i would like it. kind of like how hockey is entertaining if you have enough booze, food, good seats and decent folks around you.