Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pittsburgh Passion game 2

April 25, 2009
Newman Stadium, Wexford, PA
Pittsburgh Passion v. Baltimore Nighthawks
Final score: Pittsburgh 49, Baltimore 0.
I don't know what happened in the second half because we left at halftime. What? The score was 35-0 and we wanted to get home and watch 'Vicki Christina Barcelona' that netflix had kindly sent us.
Amanda Haeg, seen here, scored at least two touchdowns. Oddly, there's no game recap up yet at the official Passions website. Not even a tiny box score. Forget about any other sort of coverage of the game because all of the print media in town ignores them. I should take a notebook with me and just jot down highlights so that my posts about the games don't seem so pointless. In this game it seemed like almost every play had some sort of highlight as we dominated Baltimore completely on both sides of the ball. MK was taking pictures, and she did use a monopod this time so they're less shaky. She's improving week by week, I think :)
Next up: Away game at the undefeated DC Divas. Should be a tough game, but I'm betting that the defense will step up. Jo Jo Warner is just a phenomenal linebacker with tremendous instincts, anticipating plays, getting into the backfield to sack the QB or stuff a run. She's a lot of fun to watch, and hopefully Saturday night she'll have a big game for us! I don't worry too much about our offense. Lisa Horton is the best QB in women's football. She throws the ball like it's on a zip-line.
Good luck defeating DC!


drollgirl said...

these are CHICKS playing?!??! whoa!!!!

and how was that movie? i think i heard mixed reviews.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Way back in the olden days...heh...when I was in college at Ohio State, there was a semi-pro women's team in town. I forget their name now. The best player on the team played on both the offense and the defense. Best part...she was a former high school cheerleader! HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Nothing like an athletic, smart (it said so in the program) cheerleader next door...who digs other chicks (at least I think she did...heh).

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Droll - VCBarcelona is a typical Woody Allen mixed bag of something good fucked up by his mind. Worth a netflix, but not much else. Of course the most interesting, most complex character, and least explored was the Penelope Cruz character. It was infuriating that we were given so little about her, but she did the most, as an actress, with what she was given, that's for sure.
TW1 - I always assume everyone is gay unless they clearly state otherwise. Funny how often this has worked in my favor. Less funny when it hasn't ;)