Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kids Getting Older, Me Just Old

Today is not only tax day, but it's my oldest son's birthday! I know that it seems impossible, but I've got a twenty year old kid, proud issue of my womb.
Since he has to work this evening I made an early dinner for him and baked a brownie cake (the only cake like creation I'm capable of concocting).
I couldn't be prouder of the young man that Cree has grown into. Despite having at times nearly debilitating OCD, he's become a compassionate, industrious, artistic, and extremely loving individual. There's a wide spectrum of how acute OCD can afflict someone, and he's worked really hard (along with the best doctor imaginable) to be able to rein in his compulsions and high levels of anxiety.
Happy Birthday Cree! I went into labor with you at 2am and they removed you from my abdominal cavity at 10:24am. It was the first day of trout season 1989, raining, and someone brought me flowers. Believe it or not, back then if the baby wasn't in your hospital room you were still allowed to smoke. As Grandpa Herbie used to say before he died, I loved every cigarette I ever smoked.


drollgirl said...

i hope the birthday celebration is great. you sound like a proud mama, and that is rad. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Cree!
How wonderful!
The time certainly does pass quickly. Doesn't it? I used to think that I'd *always* be stepping on Legos or digging in pockets (on wash days)for stray bits of crayon, etc.

Based on what you've told have every reason to be very proud of your sons.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Thanks for the well wishes, girls :) This week turned out to be hectic in unexpected ways, so I'm sure glad it's at an end now!

~wicked~ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CREE! wow, he's the same age as my oldest child...20...omg, they're adults!

have a great weekend JFP!