Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yinz Deers

Most of you would not be aware that the first day of rifle deer season is a holiday throughout much of Pennsylvania. The kids get the day off school and most people can take the day off work without penalty. Crazy, aint it?
I didn't take my hunter's safety course until I was 30 years old, and then I hunted for only a few years before I gave up the miserable cold and stinky field dressing mess. Yet, my youngest son, Riechter Von Sanchez, has besieged me with entreaties to accompany him hunting this year. Thus and verily have I dusted off the blaze orange duds to sally forth into the woods predawn tomorrow morning.
Why am I sharing all of this? To announce that there will be no webisode Monday post. No, I'll be in the Pennsylvania sylvania, drinking coffee from a vintage Alladin thermos, smoking organically grown cigarettes, and reading "Zombie-ism For Dummies" by a headband flashlight. Oh, and I'll have a loaded 30-30 Winchester lever action rifle.
Watch out, yinz deers! I'm prepared!


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jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Don't toy with me, anonymous. This is all cool, and I'll be back in the woods tomorrow morning, so don't be expecting anything clever from me in the near future.