Monday, November 19, 2007

Webisode Monday

I've never allowed myself to get immersed in any sort of role playing game (RPG) because, simply, I lack self control and I have an addictive personality. It's a dangerous cocktail, trust me on this.
Yet, this is not to say that I cannot uniquely revel in the obsessive RPG compulsion that is "The Guild".
The webisode show is the brain bairn of writer/actress Felicia Day (Vi on BtVS, season 7, 8 episodes). In "The Guild" she plays 'Codex', a young woman who lives and breathes all things World of Warcraft, and who ends up being stalked by one of her fellow WoW guild members. Hilarity ensues. Really. It's a very clever and witty show, one that Day tried to pitch to the networks who shot her down with the knee jerk reaction that it's 'too niche'. Oh, I beg to differ, Powers That Be. The niche of this show is its kitch, its hook. The characters are all fully realized and I look forward to every new episode that gets posted!
If NBC can pick up that yawner, "Quarterlife" then somebody oughtta give "The Guild" a shot at the big-time.

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