Tuesday, December 4, 2007

End of Faith, for now

Unlike a rainbow, there is no pot of gold at the end of the Buffy comic four issue Faith arc. For the brave and spoilerific among you, here's a link to a five page preview of issue 9 that comes out tomorrow.
I'm debating whether to make a special trip to the comic book store tomorrow or simply wait until I have to go out there on Thursday anyway to drop Riechter Von Sanchez at his 'dream' job at a nearby video game store. I curse you, high gas prices!

From the preview pages it's abundantly clear that Faith still possesses the most mean-ass fighting skills since she and Buffy went toe-to-toe. You know, I've argued the fine points of Faith versus Buffy in a battle royale type setting...and the thing is Buffy always seemed so much more impassioned about what she was fighting for. faith knew what she was fighting for, but I think she had lingering doubts and that undermined her superior fighting prowess and left her on the bloody end of a knife.
Now, I don't believe that Faith harbors any doubts about her purpose and mission. She's resolved, one way or the other to see this mission through. I don't think that Gigi has much more going for her than an over inflated sense of entitlement that, I suspect, is about to be pierced.
Oh, and Gigi, big mistake to think that Faith was from NYC instead of Boston. Big. Mistake. It's like confusing Pittsburgh with Philadelphia, only worse.

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