Monday, January 25, 2016

The Return of The X-Files

     The X-Files have returned!  Despite the premier episode of the 10th season garnering lackluster reviews, I was on board no matter what.  I mean, come on!  It's The X-Files, the show that paved the way for all of the weird science-y, crazy theory shows that have followed in its wake.  And I'm glad that I read the bad reviews of the first episode.  That set the bar so low for what I might expect that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the 43 minutes of set-up and exposition wasn't nearly as clunky as I thought it would be.  Don't get me wrong, it was still clunky, but not unwatchably clunky.  The one main thing that I'm really pleased about is that Mulder and Scully are no longer a couple.  That didn't work for me, and felt forced.  It would've felt organic if the agents had fallen in love in the second or third season, but by the time the powers that be saw fit to have them hook up, it just felt wrong.  They are better as friends, colleagues.
     The biggest and best thing about the 6 episode run of The X-Files' return is that nothing is left dangling.  There isn't time to drag out tired plotlines or construct blind alleys.  There can be no misdirection episodes because there isn't time.  The short series order has worked really well for Marvel's Agent Carter as well.  You can almost hear someone yelling, "Snap to it!" to keeping the story moving forward.  So, instead of finding out in the season finale whether or not Scully's got alien DNA, we found out at the end of the episode.  Yay!  Just tell us everything!
     I didn't read the reviews for the next two episodes (three episodes were made available for review), but I do know that they were reviewed much more favorably.  Now I just want to enjoy the ride while it lasts.  Revel in that alternative world of conspiracies, monsters, and Gillian Anderson once more occupying the skin of Special Agent Dana Scully.

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