Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Downton Abbey

Lurching toward its series conclusion, Downton Abbey in season 6 is something of an empty vessel compared to what it was in season 1.  The only constant, for me, is what a colossal buffoon Lord Grantham remains.  The character is such an unmitigated twit that how has he managed not to choke to death on a button that he mistook for a toffee? 


Jane Droll said...

lol! season 1 and maybe 2 were great. since then, SNORESVILLE, particularly last season. but i have kept at it. lord knows why. i think mary's uptight/rigid demeanor and ram-rod stiff physicality make me laugh. same thing goes for carson. talk about buttoned up. yeesh! i wouldn't do well in such an environment, that is for sure.

p.s. the always understanding mother drives me NUTS. i would refuse to play that role/be that person. barf. the grandmother (i'm horrible with names) has the best lines.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

HA! And yes, Maggie Smith's character has the best lines...but then, it's all in the delivery ;)