Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Arctic Blasts

Arctic Blast, Zelienople, 2016

This winter the weather has been extremely erratic.  55F one day, then two days later it's 7F with a subzero windchill.  This morning I felt lucky that my car started as I had places to go, people to see.  Unfortunately after my first stop the engine refused to turn over, but fortunately I have AAA.  When I called their emergency roadside assistance line (15 minute wait on hold), I was informed that it would be a two hour wait for a jump, and FIVE hour wait for a new battery.  I opted for the battery to be jumped.  I called the people I was supposed to meet and explained that the ten year old battery in my Subaru Forrester was mostly dead and I was stuck in a shop staying warm until the auto guy showed up.  Which, as it turns out was a lot sooner than two hours - in more like ten minutes.  It seems that he was at a business nearby giving someone a jump and when he saw the proximity of the call, he decided to pop in.  Incredible!  One of those rare occurrences where you end up feeling lucky even while dealing with an ice cold hardship.
Anyway, it started right up with the jump and the guy said rather emphatically, "Go straight to someplace that can replace the battery, don't turn the car off."  I drove home, left the car running, and dashed in to check online if Advanced Auto installs batteries.  They do!  I thought they did and they do.  I called and told them to expect me in ten minutes.  That's pretty much the entirety of the story, such as it is.  And, if there's anything to be learned from this it's that I knew two years ago that the battery struggled mightily during the polar vortex to start the car, and that it was the original battery that came with the car.  Yet, I resisted replacing it, even though I knew better!  Today could've been so much worse, and I hope in the future I deal with ultra cold weather and my car in a more progressive manner.

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