Monday, August 3, 2009

Life's Rich Pageant

MK ankle deep in Avalanche Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park, MT

I'm still waiting to get three of the rolls of film I shot back from being developed. Supposedly they are done, but they're in Pittsburgh and I'm in Zelie, so MK is picking them up for me sometime today. You know, the goth or emo kid (I can't tell the difference between the two and don't care enough to differentiate anyway) who works the film and photo counter is just so smug. Like we're clueless idiots completely dependent on him to get our photos. Of course we are completely dependent on him to get our photos, but still. Not everyone is clueless. One or two of us has a clue and are willing to wield it! Hand over my vacation snapshots or I'll show you what suffering really is!
Which reminds me of the chick who works at the comic book store. Boy, talk about attitude! Ever since she recommended a comic that I did not fall in love with, we've been at odds. She looks down at my Buffy comic purchases, insisting that the Angel comic is far superior. That's how delusional she is. The Angel comic is terrible! I tried it out when they introduced the 'After The Fall' series, and the art work was icky, the writing was insanely bad (or, as I like to say, worse than terrible and then some), plus it was a bit pricey (3.99 per issue, whereas most comics are 2.99). I asked myself: Am I happy paying more for something I despise just so that I can remain on top of all that is happening in the Buffyverse? The sound of my wallet remaining shut, which is actually the absence of sound, was my answer.
Aw well, there's a lot to be grateful for this week. I'll have my pics in my hands tomorrow and the new Buffy comic comes out on Wednesday. Oh! And it's not raining, for a change! It rains roughly every other day and we have a pool of standing water in the backyard that I call The Lake of The Yard.


TheWeyrd1 said...

Yeah, that's why I don't buy comics...I knew there was a reason...heh.

drollgirl said...

love this shot!

and i love your description of nitwit counter help! sometimes it is MADDENING to deal with folks!

of course the comic book store is reminding me of the simpsons. :)

hope you are having a good one! may it be rain-free for a while!

Charlotte said...

Missed ya. Having a great summer though and I hope you are too.