Monday, August 24, 2009

Judi, Judi, Judi

When I read the headline: Oscar Winner enters Dollhouse! The voice in my head was pleading, please let it be Dame Judi Dench (here seen mostly topless decades ago), but no. It's Keith Carradine. I didn't even know that he'd won an Academy Award (he won for best original song, according to imdb).
Is it just me, it is probably just me, but doesn't that show need more women on it? Especially a couple of older women? If it's semi-nudity that they're looking for, Dame Judi has shown that she's willing to go there. Just imagine the fun with the teaser the marketing crew could have with a somewhat disrobed OBE recipient on a failing US show. It almost writes itself! "Next week on an exciting all-new Dollhouse, Dame Judith Dench is reanimated as the first 'doll', 'Honey Potts', and has to go undercover as a stripper to discover the identity of the killer dealing in counterfeit Hello Kitty merchandise!
I don't want to see Keith Carradine at all, much less sans attire, and unless he's doing a sequel to "Andre", which is impossible because SPOILER: Andre dies at the end; then I don't care what he's up to. Or down to.
I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan, but I don't know if this show can be fixed. I want it to be fixed because I also love Eliza Dushku, but my whole relationship with this show is a lot like how you feel about somebody iffy that you're dating. How involved do you want to get with this person? One day they're there on your couch eating the last of the Doritos, and the next thing you know they've stolen your dog, car, wallet and headed west to 'find themselves'.
Sigh...I have to say that I much more looking forward to the return of Fringe than I am of Dollhouse.


Miss Kitty said...

It may interest you to know, Sweetie, that I have a VHS tape of that very production (Midsummer Night's Dream circa 1964-ish). Say the word and we can watch it anytime you want. As I recall, I grossed a few students out with it a few years ago. ("You mean that's M? Ew!") Helen Mirren is in it, too, though fully clad.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

It figures ;) I suppose I should at least have a peak at it, no?

Phoenix said...

Just found your blog, and as a fellow Whedonphile, I salute you. I would high five you for your hilarious comparison of Dollhouse to that iffy person you're not sure you should date, but it seems that you are, indeed, in Pittsburgh and are therefore too far away to high five.

So you get two salutes.

drollgirl said...

i don't know that show! i am so out of the loop.

but i love the dame. she is fab beyond belief.