Monday, June 1, 2009

Pittsburgh Passion Game 6

May 30, 2009, Saturday 7pm, Wexford, PA, Newman Stadium
Pittsburgh Passion versus Connecticut Crushers
The firmament was naught but a sea of crystalline cerulean as the gridiron warriors suited up to wage unrestrained battle. For one team this would prove to be a field of dreams, and for the other a lea of boundless sorrows. Who might emerge the victor? Vanquishing their foe with merciless ferocity? Only time and fate could dictate that eternal mystery.
The Passion won the coin toss and elected to receive. The gathered throng waited in baited anticipation as the cruelly spike booted kicker unleashed a torrent of fury and menace upon the unsuspecting ball!
OK, enough of the over blown prose. I don't think that I can sustain it anyway. Not while watching tv while I write this.
After the kickoff Lisa Horton and the Passion took over play at their own 47yd line. On the first play from scrimmage Jen Hoffman scampered for 42 yrds to the Connecticut 11. Definitely this was a harbinger of things to come as on third and five QB Lisa Horton tossed a TD pass to #1 Wilma Walton in the endzone. At 13:22 of the 1st Quarter passion went up 7-0 and never, ever looked back.
The most exciting play of the night, in a night of various exciting plays, came about on the Passion's second possession. On the first play after the punt, Horton handed off to Haeg, who pitched the ball back to Horton and threw a zipline pass to Suprano racing down the right side of the field for a 60 yd TD. Classic hook and ladder play executed to perfection! I was jumping around so wildly that I almost lost my pen. At 11:48 of the 1st Quarter Passion up 14-0.
Other scores: Bracco 9 yd TD run at 8:05 of the 1st Quarter, missed extra point, 20-0
71 yd TD run by Amanda Haeg at 3:18 of the 1st Quarter, 27-0
14 yd TD QB keeper run Lisa Horton, 1:26 of the 1st Quarter, 34-0
81 yd TD pass from Horton to Lori Johnsom, 9:21 of the 2nd Quarter, 41-0
82 yd TD pass from Horton to Lori Johnsom, 0:40 of the 2nd Quarter, 48-0
Brevard picks off Connecticut with two seconds left and Horton takes a knee to end the half.
The second half saw four more unanswered TDs being tallied by the passion for a final score of 76-0. Honestly, I've never witnessed a game like this, on any level. Anyone who thinks that Horton is not the best QB in the league has never seen this woman throw a ball. Even with a bum knee she throws the ball like a laser, down field, waaaaaaay down field, almost unfailingly hitting her chosen receiver in stride. I know that too much of the attention usually gets paid to the QB, so allow me to recognize Lori Johnson, Wilma Walton, Amanda Haeg and Jenine Suprano on offense who all deserve special kudos for jobs well done. Great game!
On the defensive side stellar games were had by Michelle Brevard, Jo Jo Warner, and Peru Barber. They held the Crushers scoreless despite being on the field for extended periods of time.
This wraps up the regular season home games for the Pittsburgh Passion. They take on the Philadelphia Firebirds on June 6 and the New York Sharks on June 13, both away games. After that we'll hopefully be going to the playoffs. MK and I will be there!


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Go Passion!

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