Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dog Sitting

Meet Maddie, the Wheaton Terrier that MK's niece adopted a couple of weeks ago. Mk and I will be dog-sitting Maddie this weekend while the owners are away. Maddie is a piddler. A piddler is a dog that gets so excited when someone comes to the house that they release the contents of their bladder. Yes, they spray pee with abandon and disregard, but not without unbridled glee, so there's that.
Bela and Maddie get along brilliantly, which was not a given considering that Bela prefers the company of cats to that of other dogs. It's true. When we first got Bela she was seven weeks old and we brought her home, where she immediately bonded with our cat, Whitey. Whitey's famous in our neighborhood for a couple of reasons: He'll shamelessly roll on the sidewalk out front, exposing his tender underbelly to passersby in the hopes that someone will pet him, and he's always filthy, given his penchant for rubbing himself on the undercarriages of parked cars. Once last summer he had a black grease streak running from his head down the length of him that made him look like a reverse skunk. And he hardly ever grooms himself. Like I said, he's always filthy.
There's a black cat down the street from MK's place that begs passersby to pet her as well, and before we got Bela we'd stop and pet Black Whitey (that's what we call her because she reminds us of Whitey, only Black, and less obviously filthy, and we don't know her real name). Black Whitey hisses at Bela when she sees us coming, and Bela wags her tail so hard that her ass end helicopters off the ground. She loves that cat! Other dogs Bela's less thrilled with, and will often ignore them or openly avoid them. Which is why it's such a relief that she likes Maddie. Those two will be spending a lot of time together and its best that they get along.


TheWeyrd1 said...

That's 'cause puppies are like babies, they put off this really good smell so that adults will WANT to take care of them. Bela's been suckered!...heh

drollgirl said...

what a cast of characters! i love how they are all so unique. but i am not a huge fan of piddlers, that is for sure! hopefully that instinct can be tamed with time. :)