Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fear and Worry

No one who knows me in everyday life knows that I have a blog, and it's best that way. That said, one of my oldest and dearest friends emailed late last night to inform me that she's getting a face lift this morning. Allow me a moment to boggle my mind... Ahem, I'd talked to Phyllis (certainly not her real name) about this face lift idea a couple of months ago when we were having a late lunch/early bird dinner special at Denny's. Part of my brain figured that this was a fleeting crackpot idea that would never see itself to fruition. But I should've known better when Phyllis told me that she'd been plastic surgeon shopping and found one willing to do it on the cheap. I know, !!!!!!!!
Now I'm worried. I should have been worried all along, but emotionally I have this little box where I keep all of my worry so that I can function within an acceptable level of partial delusion.
It'll be a couple of days before I can get in touch again with Phyllis, which leaves me no choice but to do that rarest of things for me: Pray.
Dear God,
Please let Phyllis survive her discount face lift.
Yours in Disbelief,
I hope that doesn't sound too flip, but I don't handle worry with much reverence. Actually I don't handle much with much reverence.


Charlotte said...

I will pray for Phyllis too. I am sure she will be fine.

So I came over here to ask you to guest blog on my blog N.E.O. Moms. I am trying to find moms all different from each other to be guest authors while i am getting shitfaced this weekend at a bacherlorette party.
You are a different kind of mom for obvious reasons. Of course you just said you are happy nobody in your day to day life knows you have a blog. I respect your privacy. So email me and tell me if you choose to accept this mission. cnceltica@yahoo
I will check back in during naptime, gotta get my savages out the door and moving.

TheWeyrd1 said...

I'm getting my floors and some other work done on the cheap...but NO way would I get any kind of surgery on the cheap (thank goodness for insurance actually...)!

drollgirl said...

HOW HORRIFYING! good lord. what is she thinking?!?!??!?

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Char - YES! I'll guest blog. I'll try to restrain the potty mouth.
TW1 & Droll - Who gets a cut rate face lift? I just hope that she's ok. I would've seen her email last night and would've called her, but MK and I were at the funeral home, and then with the hockey game and walking the dog...I was offline until bedtime :(