Wednesday, June 24, 2009


MK and I headed out to McConnells Mill State Park first thing this morning to hike the Alpha Trail and the Kildoo Loop. Afterward, on our way back to the parking area, we spotted this wild grapevine dangling down off of one of the many splintered rock formations situated throughout the park. I wondered if the vine could support my weight. When I was a kid we used to swing off wild grapevines down in the woods, but I weighed as much as a box cereal back then. Things, and waistlines, change. I'm just relieved to report that yeah, I can still swing off a vine, if I feel so inclined. MK also took a spin on it, but I shoot film and she shoots digital, so that pic is going to have to wait ;)


Anonymous said...

Woo HOO!
Looks like fun!
What a lovely place to hike.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

H, you should pop over for a visit and hike with us! Lunch will be on me :)