Friday, February 6, 2009

Violet Spring

After being subjected to nothing but a monochromatic world all winter I am sooooo ready for the violent explosion of color and life that awaits come spring. Bring on spring!


gypsywee said...

I am SO with you Jennifer!

~wicked~ said...

me too! i like white but only to wear it not have to stare at it for the next 5 months (um, that's the average Canadian winter). and it's hardly even a pretty's infested with all kinds of road dirt/road kill/road salt/road sand how ugly is that???
today is a bright sunny day here in's a balmy
4 C (39.2F for my American girls)....and i'm in the mood for a walk!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Gyp - without spring we'd all give up the charade of respectability and just shutter ourselves in bars and be done with it.
Wick - it was 52F yesterday and 44F today, so MK and I took the dog on some nice looooong walks :) Much better than when it was 6 degrees and it was torturous to just go a few blocks.