Thursday, February 19, 2009

Newly Discovered Writers, By Me, At Least

I often feel as if I'm late to some literary party. Some great author has been around forever and I've only just discovered them. Forever being as subjective as discovery, I can only know something when our paths have crossed. Esoteric enough for a Thursday?
So it is that I've finally stumbled upon two authors I'd never heard of: Lorrie Moore and Sara Ryan. These authors have nothing in common, apart from both being women and thereby human, but as fate would have it, here I am ordering their books. Not that I don't have a stack of books glaring at me on the bedside table, I'm just not in the mood yet for 'Outliers', and let's face it, I'm never going to finish that one book by some guy who thought something about something but used too many words to never get to his point. I just can't commit any more time to someone like that. I've broken off the reader end of that relationship and unfriended him on MySpace.*
Like many readers, avid and otherwise, I depend on book recommendations from friends and reviews I peruse at my leisure on the interweb tubes. In all honesty, I probably rely more on reviews than on friends because ever since that 'Bel Canto' recommendation I've cast a rheumy eye toward what some people consider a 'must' read.
Now I just await the delivery of Moore's 'Birds of America' and Ryan's 'Empress of the World'.

*I'm not on MySpace, or Facebook, or Twitter, or classmates or really anything that makes me more accessible. I just can't resolve all that interaction with my hermetic world view.

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drollgirl said...

i absolutely LOATHE facebook. and for the life of me i cannot understand why everyone thinks it is so great. argh!!!!

and hope the books are good! recommendations from friends (and bloggers) help one sort through the mountains of books that are available!