Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Chaiken

I have a theory about the The L Word. Let me preface this with the disclosure that I have a terrible head cold and I may or may not be on some sort of dangerous herbal concoction that is altering my perception. I don't think there's too much cyanide in cherry bark.
Ok, so, what if this entire season of TLW is a collective subconscious effort by Ilene Chaiken and company to destroy the myth of The Chaiken. To deconstruct her psyche by having the character of Jenny serve as The Chaiken, evolving into an even more loathesome character than in seasons past and thereby serving as the perfect, if senseless, vehicle to utterly destroy The Chaiken, and just as the Phoenix rose triumphantly from a big ass pile of ashes, so shall The Chaiken be reborn in the sacrificial death of Jenny! Actually, this makes a tiny bit of sense since Ilene Chaiken has said that she isn't going to reveal who killed Jenny, because really, who killed Jenny doesn't matter. Jenny isn't a person, she's an id wrapped in a superego run amok. Without an ego there's nothing rational about Jenny, which is why she's the golem of The Chaiken, and why her murder isn't a death, but a device, if not public service.
And there you have my latest crank theory! Thoughts?


~wicked~ said...

your "Chaiken" theory could very well be bang on....
although i'm going to wait until the DVD set comes out on this 6th and final season of LW, i have caught a couple of episodes and find a real bad taste developing in my mouth when the dreaded and "deaded" JS appears....i can't stand her character and never have, nor have i ever liked anything she's acted in...she's the only character i've never been able to develop a tolerance for in this series.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

There are no adjectives left in all the languages in all the world to describe how awful this show has become and how horrid Jenny is.
Ilene Chaiken started off with every blessing from the entire lesbian community, and she turned what was once a pretty ground breaking show into every worst cliche about lesbians.
I'm glad that the show is almost over because I can't stand much more ;)