Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's

I doubt that the clouds will part long enough in my corner of the world to allow us to view this unique sight tonight. Hi there crescent moon and Mercury and Jupiter. Greetings and happy New Year from the blue marble!
Just in case the heavens do open for us, I'm loading some 1600 speed film in the camera and setting up the tripod.


~wicked~ said...

hey JFP! thank you for the New Year wishes! from my heart, i hope this new year and beyond will be everything wonderful and more that you and MK will share together.


H said...

Happy New Year!
As we reflect on the past year and feel the promise in a new year, I can't help thinking..."What will we be thinking a year from now?"(I guess we'll have to stay tuned until next year.)

Oh...and did you get the photo you wanted? Or did our cloudy skies conceal yet *another* celestial event?

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Hey Wick! Hope you had a good holiday :)
H...No, sadly, the sky never once cleared in Pittsburgh. But that's ok, I got some great shots of MK with Bela :D