Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fringe "Safe" 1.10

Best Walter line: "Are you stoned, Agent Dunham?"

Whether or not Nina Sharp is pure evil or just garden variety evil, did you see the look on her face while her techs were attempting to extract memories from mostly dead Agent Scott? She's like the female version of Dick Cheney. I'd shudder, but I'm shivering from the draft wafting up the stairs from the Spider Kingdom.
We're beginning to glimpse the full impact of Dunham's Altered Statesesque mind meld with Agent Scott in that she's begun to think that his memories and past experiences have actually happened to her. Which, of course, begs the question: What will it seem like to her once a sexy-time memory creeps to the forefront? Say she bumps into a hot number (other than herself) that Agent Scott got deliciously nasty with and all of the events in regards to that encounter not only emerge in her thoughts, but emerge as her experience? She even affected a certain typically male swagger when talking about how she knew Raoul Lugo, the dead man encased in the safe door. How much of John Scott is now embedded into her psyche and gleefully manifesting itself in her persona? Oooooh, the possibilities are endless!
Physically, Agent Scott is on ice over at Massive Dynamic. I have no doubt that MD plans to re-animate his corpse fully into a lumbering, barely verbal, brain dining denizen of the undead. It happens all the time. Who do you think works the phone banks during NPR pledge drives?
Moving right along...What is Mr. Jones in that German prison for? Were we even told? No matter, he won't be in there for much longer. A team of former special-ops forces turned mercenaries (or whatever you call former military personel who turn to the darkside to make a buck, besides a Blackwater employee) led by the parasite-hearted Agent Loeb are breaking into bank safe deposit boxes around the rust belt (Cleveland, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and soon coming to a town near you in you live in Rhode Island) to retrieve components of a machine that Walter built decades ago that would transport a person from literally any time to any place. It does expose the user to high levels of radiation, but then the universe must exact its due on those who dare to defy its immutable laws of physics.
Also, how refreshing to see that the Fibonacci sequence got properly pageant walked out. About time too, I thought we'd see it in the episode from two weeks ago, "The Equation", via the Golden Ratio (aka, the divine proportion) given the shared mathematical and musical applications for same. But no. Still, the fact that the safety deposit boxes were all following a Fibonacci sequencing, this led to Walter's realization that the boxes are his. Which, ultimately clues the FBI team in as to which bank in Providence will be the site of the next heist.
Oh the suspense! Will the white hats get there in time to thwart the black hats? As gays used to say, Better latent than never, as even though Dunham's team is a tad late on the bank job, they do nab one of the radio active baddies as the get away van gets away.
Mr. Jones prepares for his great transmutation escape! Drammomine, sun tan lotion with SPF 10,000, and the 'lucky' suit of his hired man servant. We saw that killing coming from across the room and behind the bookcase when Jones asked him what his suit size was. Never disclose personal information to a smiling devil holed up in a German prison cell! Never!!!
Sigh, and anyway, Jones instructs his henchmen to abduct Dunham, which they do, which then poses the question: Was this orchestrated with Massive Dynamic (who also want Dunham for Agent Scott's memories), or are Jones' people working alone, rogue mavericks gone totally mavericky in their rogueness? The many and varied possibilities have my phase harmonics in a variance.
Next up: Uh, stuff!


gypsywee said...

My dear, darling, I don't watch Fringe, tho I probably should. Lately, my TV viewing has been lame at best. I have been watching Top Chef...of course, you're not blogging about that...well...I've always late bloomer (I watched the early seasons of Top Chef and then got bored for a few seasons and now I'm back). :D Anyway, I've been thinking about you and keeping up with your doings.

As someone who just did about thirty-eleven thousand house projects...I'd say, do what you enjoy and pay for a professional to do the icky stuff.

Hope all is well with you, MK, the boys, and Bella!



jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Gees, Gypsy, I owe you an email, don't I? I'll start blogging about TC once they weed out the posers. I can't get a feel for the contestants when there are 16 of 'em. 10 or 12 seem manageable to me;)
Oh, and get ready. We're driving seriously west this summer and you'll have more of me to deal with than what you want :D The dog is cute, so she'll make up for my short comings.