Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Atom Age Vampire

Do you know what's better than cheap? Free! Thanks to the immutable laws of public domain and, that's the cost to view "Atom Age Vampire", a film about neither the atomic age nor vampires. This 1961 Italian horror gem tells the tale of a mad scientist who treats a severely scarred auto accident victim, falls in love with her, and then has to kill to keep procuring the unnamed human gland needed for her treatments.
The plot is utter nonsense, driven by dialog that sounds as if it was lifted from various other works and then just patched together with nary a backward glance at cohesion or cogency. It's brilliant! The funny thing about really awful movies is that you can't set out to make a terrible film, it has to evolve and emerge that way completely unintentionally. And that is why we love them.
Happy New Year, peoples!

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Natazzz said...

Ohhh that sounds like a movie I would enjoy!

I always find it hard to believe someone made a movie like this and intended it to be good.