Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted!

This morning at 6:50am Cree and I walked down to our local polling place and stood in a line about fifty people deep and then voted. I'm wearing a little 'I Voted' sticker on my flannel shirt. Of course it wasn't easy for me because I have a hyphenated last name, it took the poor old lady looking me up in the register forever to figure out that I'm listed under 'R' and not 'M'. Biggest mistake I ever made (and I'm being facetious here) was to tack on my exhusband's last name on the end of my own. I had resisted doing that clear up until my second son was born. Now I've got this awkward, cumbersome name trailing behind me like toilet paper stuck to a shoe. It's a pain in the ass, this name o' mine. I really need to get it legally changed back to just the 'R'.
I'm so glad that we were able to get out early this morning and cast our votes for Obama and our US Rep, Jason Altmire. I hope they both win and I can finally give up this anger I've harbored ever since Gore lost to Bush in 2000. I for one would like some sun to break free from this awful dark cloud we've endured for lo these eight long years.


H said...
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Pandora said...

Over in Edgewood, the line was sorta long at 7:30, so Laura and I waited till after 9:00 -- since, today not being a teaching day for either of us, we had flexibility.

Short line, later.

I'm going to drive by after work to see what it looks like.

H said...

I voted early this morning and it felt GREAT!

What did Cree think of the experience?

Side note: The deleted post was me. (I just wanted to edit, but that wasn't possible.)

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Cree liked the feeling of making a difference (hopefully), H. It was great! And those old ladies really kept that line moving quickly. We voted in an old people's home, oops, I mean assisted living facility, here in Zelienople. The voters were a mix of young people, workers before work, and old people in their slippers and robes. I love it!
Caty emailed me to say that she voted before work this morning and that there was a pretty substantial line at 7am on the southside of Pgh. I was driving around the U of Pitt campus earlier today and there are throngs of kids out with signs promoting Obama and cheering. I've never seen anything like it!

~wicked~ said...

we Canadians are so pumped at the win! well, most of us are...we have our way-too-many right-wing goofs running around...so sad...but YEAH for Obama!

what a mark in history, man
what a mark.... *BIG smile*