Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow I won't have time to post anything. Not that I'm cooking. No, we go to my brother's house at 1pm and eat, then we lay on the floor and swill wine while football plays across the massive screen.
Later we go to MK's parents' house. This actually is the best possible scenario for us because my family will have a traditional Thanksgiving and MK's family will prepare a bird, no stuffing, no gravy. The starch for the meal will be the dinner rolls. It's completely barbaric. There will be plenty of meat and veggies and two fruit salads, but no yams, no mashed potatoes, and worst of all, given all the veggies, no green bean cassarole.
Fortunately we'll be stuffed from the previous meal so it never seems that bad.
And now my stomach is growling in anticiaption...for the first meal, not the second.

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