Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vampire McCain

Everything is always open to interpretation, except when it's not. Art, in my humble and autocratic opinion, is definitely best when the viewer can take from it what they will.
But sometimes the artist is crazy in a nonfun way and they simply careen wildly off the deep end, taking no prisoners and leaving the casualties to heaven.
So, who has gone nuts? Apparently Jill Greenberg has. I'll be honest, until this brouhaha erupted over her cover shot of John McCain for The Atlantic, I had never heard of her. Then when I visited her site I knew why. Her brand of photography is not engaging to my brain. If anything, I find it thoughtless and trite. Oh, and please wait a moment to savor the effect....pedestrian. And staged. Big time phony crap. Glorified snapshots that are about as challenging as errant toenail clippings littered on the bathroom floor. Perhaps I'm being harsh, but given that she's a remorseless hack version of a photographer, I feel that I must stand up for my fellow shutterbugs. Thanks Greenberg. You've really advanced photography as art by employing cheap gimmicks and getting your ass forever banned by The Atlantic, and probably every other publication in the world. Sheesh!
Wanna see what all of the fuss is about? How about this massively photoshopped likeness of Vampire McCain, which has since been removed from her website. The internets are a glorious place...nothing ever really goes away. What was she thinking? Yes, we have freedom of speech (expression), but it seems as if we've completely lost our way when it comes to appropriateness, professionalism, and dare I say it? Decorum.
Edit: I forgot to point out the obvious....Vampires don't cast a shadow, dumbass.


Anonymous said...

Who was it that said, 'very interesting, but stupid'? This is a lot like that.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I dunno, was it from Laugh In?

~wicked~ said...

hi jfp...i completely concur with your thoughts on this but i, especially, LOVE the last line! lol

have a good one

~wicked~ said...
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