Monday, September 22, 2008

Beagle News

MK and I removed Bela's stitches yesterday. She is now free and clear of the spaying. You should have seen those stitches. Like something out of Frankenstein's monster. Huge thick black Xs bisecting her entire abdomen, Shakes the Vet really out did himself this time. Bela's vet, an elderly man with a great reputation, is, how shall I say, nervous. None of the assistants will even assist him anymore, and I know why. Before MK and I left for vacation this year I took Bela in to the vet's office to get her rabies shot and a nasal spray for kennel cough. Shakes had himself so worked up that he sprayed the kennel cough stuff up MY nose (I got a terrible headache, but my sinuses were insanely clear) and he almost jabbed me with the rabies needle. When I went out to the front desk to pay for the visit I mentioned that I almost got a rabies shot, and all three of the women out there said that he's stuck them with needles. Hence, why Shakes is on his own. I have an irrational fear of rabies anyway, stemming from a raccoon bite when I was a child that I never told my parents about because my oldest brother had me convinced that mom and dad would kill me anyway if they found out that I had petted a wild animal and it bit me, so better to get the sympathy by dying the horrid death brought on by full blown rabies and hopefully be remembered fondly. Asshole.

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