Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fringe: Ghost Network

How good is "Fringe"? To quote Dr. Walter Bishop completely out of context, 'You may also experience an involuntary bowel movement.' While I did not soil myself while watching last night's episode, my whole brain was so excited that it had to walk around the block a few times to calm itself down.
I don't know if the writers and producers can sustain this level of believable intrigue for years and years, but so far they've got me in their hip pocket.
Some cool highlights:
  • Astrid's mad linguistic skills. I just love a woman interpreting Latin for the masses.
  • Sanford Townsend Band's lone hit from 1976 "Smoke From A Distant Fire" playing while Peter and Walter are at the diner. I always loved that song!
  • Can Blair Brown be any more chilling? That faux smile of hers makes me want to hug a kitten.
  • Cool cranial halo seemingly wired with twinkle lights and pixie dust...and how about that bit with the lost freshman interrupting just as Walter was about to drill into Roy's brain? Great stunt that effectively built the tension even more.
  • Anna Torv is the best thing to happen to television since the advent of the remote - or as we say in these parts, the clicker.
  • The evil dude purposely stepping back into the path of a transit train that we never even saw coming. Watching this show is like being a roller coaster!


~wicked~ said...

i've been meaning to watch this show...i've been reading mixed reviews on it but i think i'll give it a peek next week since you did such a great write-up on it.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

You have to see it! The reviews are mixed because it does, or at least the premier did, requires a certain suspension of belief. Since then it's found its legs and voice much better. Still, let me know if you hate it and why. I love discussing tv!

Natazzz said...

Oh hell yes.

Now and then a truly exciting series comes along...this is my new BSG...

~wicked~ said...

ok! i've finally watched it! (did the video recaps on my PC last night) so, the mixed reviews i've been hearing about reflect my thoughts as well and for the same reasons but, overall, i think i may enjoy this series afterall.