Thursday, April 24, 2008

Top Chef 4.7

And then there was one...lesbian that is. Looking at the four bottom dwellers last night standing before judges' table I just knew that Jennifer was going to have to go. I've said it before and I'll say it again: The judges are more forgiving to you if you've performed well previously. Apart from last week's quickfire win, Jen's been mostly in the middle, as she herself admits. Stephanie, Antonia, and Lisa have all won elimination challenges. So, pretty much it was a foregone outcome who was going to get their walking papers.
What I found most curious was that Stephanie was part of that asparagus-crouton-goat cheese travesty. How was this dish supposed to be sexy or (disturbingly) threesome-y? I shudder to think, given how it was universally loathed. And doesn't it appear that Stephanie works best when she works alone? Two weeks ago Dale nearly railroaded her into making deviled eggs wrapped in steak tartar (that sound you hear is the lurching of my stomach). Thank God Lisa talked some sense into those people.
I can't comment on this episode without congratulating Spike for finally making that fucking butternut squash soup. If I never hear him say 'shoop' again my life will be all rainbows and Hello Kitty. I know, the judges liked his soup, so good for him - but it's an easy soup to make, even without a food processor. Or, I should say, an electric food processor. I'm just sick of hearing him whine and moan about 'shoop'. So there, you've made it and they liked it, so move on!
My picks for who might get the ax this week; Nikki, Mark, or Spike, were all wrong. But I'm not giving up on them just yet. I think that one of them will be sent packing next week. We shall see what happens when the chefs of the futures invade the kitchen in next week's episode. Stay tuned!

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