Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bela Update. Redux

As Miss Kitty says, we're living the lesbian dream. Little Bela is thriving, I had her at the vet again yesterday for her first round of shots. The vet is a curious person, one of those people who showers love on animals and is shy and odd beyond belief with people. To say that he loves Bela doesn't really convey how disturbing he behaves with her. He cuddles her, kisses her, tells her over and over that he loves her while showering more kisses (and peeing while showering for all I know now that there are the trim-line Depends). I mean, I'm glad that he likes Bela, but dude, being a puppy perv is creepy.
So, anyway, the entire vet's office thought that Bela should be shown competitively. Yeah, we're going to subject her to that inanity. Sure, I watch the Westminster dog show every year, but I don't want to be a dweeb in neutral permanent press handling a dog that would rather be rolling in recent roadkill.

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ygfa said...

Mom said "awww, so cute" ;)