Monday, March 30, 2015

The Workers Prime

 The Workers, Pittsburgh, 2015
 What, Pittsburgh, 2015
Who They Are, Pittsburgh, 2015

A behemoth in steel looms along the river walk on the south side of Pittsburgh.  So much has changed in Pittsburgh since the steel industry faded (it's not gone entirely, but it is no longer a major employer in the area), yet we tend to still honor it, if not outright romanticize it.  I wonder how the steel industrial history will be viewed once my generation - arguably the last generation whose life was impacted by the mills - is gone.  If history has taught me anything, it'll be even more romanticized, with total disregard to how grueling and dangerous the work was, how there were few options for most young men save for the mills and forty plus years of swing shifts until they mercifully expired.

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