Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And Then There Were 47 Asshats

Hope For the Future, 2015

I do not usually delve into the realm of politics, whether on this blog or in real life - except to set my mother straight after she's been watching Fox News.  But, this dumbass open letter to the leadership of Iran that 47 Republican Senators signed, including, but not limited to, the junior Senator from Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, warrants a response.  And repercussions.  What. The. Fuck.  Of course I have written a hard copy letter to Toomey voicing my displeasure, and wondering if they have undermined our national security with this borderline treasonous act. 
The larger question in all of this is; what the hell has happened to the GOP?  The crazy with them just keeps expanding exponentially, with no end in sight.  They shutdown the government, they demonize science, they underfund education AND the infrastructure, they don't understand what 'rape' is, they think that a woman's pelvic exam could be done simply by her swallowing a tiny camera because, you know, the uterus is part of the digestive tract.  The stupid never ends.  To make matters worse, they are PROUDLY stupid!
Who votes for these people?  Who!?  Well, I'm sort of glad that Toomey signed the letter to Iran because as history has shown in Pennsylvania (Santorum, Corbett), we don't like the crazy branch of the Republican party.  You can be conservative and get elected, but you can't be one of those nutty ideologues. 

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