Sunday, March 15, 2015

Stupid from A Distance

I'm With Stupid, Nicole Eisenman, 2001

Please, No Photography, 2014

I've been exploring more of Nicole Eisenman's work, her intent and influences.  There's a lot of power, and humor and whimsy in Eisenman's work, which is not an easy feat.  She's able to communicate something very astute, but also funny, sometimes disturbingly so (see her 'Alice In Wonderland' which is one of her paintings featured in the above link).  It was a bit over a year ago that I discovered her work at the Carnegie International Exhibition and I've been revisiting her work included in that showing.  Interestingly conceptually deep, with vivid colors and imagery.
Also, I'm a bit sorry/not sorry that I did take a pic of 'I'm With Stupid', from a distance, even if the little idenitfying card that accompanied the work bade me not to.


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