Friday, November 14, 2014

The Eyes In The Sky

Helicopter Over Landscape & Highway, Cranberry Twp, PA 2014

At least with a helicopter, you know you're being watched.  With the camera drones, as they become more sophisticated and cheaper, you likely would have no idea.  recently when we were in Cleveland someone was flying a camera drone over a busy intersection just off the Ohio Turnpike.  I couldn't see who was controlling it and have no idea why they were doing it.
The larger issue is, of course, privacy, and how much privacy we can expect out in the world.  Constitutionally as Americans we have the right to privacy, but where that right applies is ever shrinking, and we're not pushing back enough to demand that this right be safeguarded.  No, our constitutional loons are all consumed with the 2nd amendment and their precious guns, sometimes they throw a bone toward the 1st amendment in defense of their tendency to threaten people or say hideous things on message boards and then scream "It was a joke!  Freedom of speech, y'all!!!".  Tools and douches, one and all.
The fact remains that as great as all of our technology is, it spies on us.  I tape over the camera on my computer because I'm not skyping and it's been shown that your camera can be hacked and controlled from the outside.  I don't want to think about what sort of desperate shut-in would even want to spy on a middle-aged would be crone such as myself, but we all know they're out there.  Living in their parents' cellar, drinking Monsters, eating Cheetos and not wiping the cheese dust off their fingers so their keyboards are all gummed up, hoping to gain a following of fellow losers on 4chan.  You know the type.

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