Sunday, November 9, 2014

Amusement Is Control

The Simpson's Opening Sept. 29, 2014, "Clown In The Dumps"

Somewhere in time, a distance future dystopia looms where humankind is even more dependent on constant visual distraction than we are now.  WooHoo!  While I am not so divine as to profess to know the future, I do recognize that we as a species do tend toward amusement and distraction, unless and until circumstances become such that we have absolutely no choice but to turn away from it.  That's a fairly grim assessment, but nonetheless all too often accurate.  When I was a kid the television was the opiate of the masses, now it is obviously the internet.  Everything at our fingertips.  All of the knowledge we have gained in thousands of years of civilization ready to be shared at the click of a link!  And yet we watch cat videos, engage with trolls on message boards, and post crap pictures from middle school on fb for throw back thursdays.  It's who and what we are, and one aspect of being human that seems to transcend whatever other differences we may share as a people.  Not that that is a positive take away in all of this, that there is a pervasive weakness underpinning our humanity to distraction, and the shiny that seems to retreat from us at the very pace we set to pursue it.  We are the fools who do not know we are foolish.

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