Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Space Invaders

HOX-altered Mice (with extra ribs and no ribs), Pittsburgh, 2014

Last weekend people who are not us came to visit.  They stayed four days and were here to look at colleges in the area.  It was a nightmare.  Their teenage daughter took 40 minute showers ("Don't worry, Larry and I take short showers," the mother offered as apology/explanation), and every morning I was given specific breakfast requests, which essentially turned me into a short-order cook.  I partially blame myself for the latter thing because I had picked up a variety of breakfast foods (never once did any of them choose fruit or cereal).  In retrospect I should've only had fruit and cereal.  Then, to top it off, no one ever asked to help clean up.  Actually, none of them even brought their dishes to the kitchen.
Believe it or not, despite these people being Caty's friends, she was even more fed up with them than I was, and has sworn - NEVER AGAIN!  If the daughter does end up going to one of the many and varied local institutions of higher learning, the parents are just going to have to spring for other accommodations. 

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